During the summer months Fundación Altum will be devising a series of training sessions in order to equip coaches and youth with the methodology developed by SAVEit aimed at promoting grassroots sports based on positive values.

Throughout July the organisation ran three workshops for coaches and three summer camps for youth in the region of Seville, working on several individual and group skills while also organising a series of sports and cultural activities.

The workshops for coaches, held in Espatinas and Huelva, saw 60 participants gain new insight on topics around social skills, assertive communication, teamwork, emotional management and also explore a case study on leading high-performance teams. The workshops were held between 1-13 July and 23-27 July.

Between 6-13 July, Fundación Altum organised three summer camps for youth, attended by a total of 90 children and youngsters. These included activities such as: sport events, theme parties and cultural visits.

Based in Seville, Fundación Altum is a not for profit committed to develop and carry out cultural and social activities that offer solutions to the challenges of integration, welfare, education and equality in Spain’s society.

SAVEit methodology has been put to test during a youth tournament in Portugal, when parents of players of two different sides started a brawl during a match.

Clube Desportivo Panther Force Gaia were forced to step in and address the incident.

They called on an informal meeting with parents and athletes of both teams to discuss the incident and raise awareness on the impact of their misbehaviour on the players.

In line with SAVEit goals, the discussion also focused on the positive values the game should be passing onto the players and how parents should and could better engage in this process.

Violence and abuse in youth sports has escalated to a an alarming level globally, preventative measures and solutions have been the focus of SAVEit. The project is working on gathering and sharing a set of best practice to clubs, sports providers, parents and youth on positive values in sport.

The Gafanha Cup is an annual tournament held in Nazaré and organised as a playing and exchange activity. The Cup was held between 22-24 June.

The Gazzetta di Parma has published an article about this project.

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The third meeting of SAVEit brought partners to Colorno, Italy, to discuss the project and its deliverables. The meeting was held in the Throne Room of the Ducal Palace of Colorno, home to the world renowned Italian culinary school ALMA, and organised by Rugby Colorno.

The opening speech was made by the club’s President Cosetta Falavigna, who welcomed partners to the 18th century palace and to the city and highlighted the club’s work in the community over the past season.

The first day saw partners present their work and recent outcomes. They also looked at the interim project report, which serves as a guide to a quality external evaluation on the project.

The deadlines for the launch of the SAVEit toolkit, video game and e-learning platform were set also on the first day. The project’s three key deliverables will be launched at the end of July and aim to inform coaches and sport providers, as well as parents, on how to share positive values through sport, while engaging youth through new learning tools.

Seville-based Fundación Altum talked partners through the project’s implementation and testing of the learning tools, which will assess and evaluate the impact of the training sessions held between March and June 2018.

Up for debate was the extension of the project for six months, which partners agreed to – upon approval of the European Union – to better assess its impact.

On the second day, updates were made on administrative and financial procedures.

Clube Desportivo Panther Force Gaia will be up next sharing the project and its methodology at the weekend's Youth Cup in Vila Real, Portugal. The group has also been testing a new guide designed for parents that involves the self-assessment of their conduct around their children’s games

Sevilla-based Fundación Altum has been leading a series of actions presenting SAVEit across schools, grassroots clubs and at events.

On 17 February, the foundation attended the TAKE-OFF contest where SAVEit was presented to an audience of over 200 people, including children aged 10 to 14. ​

The action follows the work of the foundation to promote the project and which in 2017 participated and lead a total of 20 meetings around it across Andalusia and Extremadura. At these they presented best practice in promoting values to youth, the training course for coaches and furthered youth engagement.

One of the highlights was a session held on 28 June in Huelva with the Spanish former Triathlon champion María Pujol to 30 girls aged 15-18 on the role of sport in promoting social and individual values.

In April 2017, the foundation meet six professional athletes to explore their experiences while grassroots and professional athletes on the value creation of sport and how are these values are relevant and transferable to their experiences outside sport. These included: former triathlete María Pujol; synchronised swimmer Sandra Cruz; Gabriela Moreno; Florencia Norbis, field hockey; Rafael García; and, Marta Garrido, 2015 sailing World Champion.

A total of 470 athletes of Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa and other Spanish clubs took to the pitch to celebrate the 'Día de la Cantera y los Valores’ (Youth and Values Day) on 14 April in León, Spain.

Through the action the second-tier club aimed to introduce its projects and youth teams to their fans and reiterate its commitment in passing on to its younger athletes values transferable to their social and schooling life.

Youth players lined-up on the pitch during the half-time of the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa v CD Tenerife game, carrying banners with the names of their teams and values that they developed and want to see prevail in the game, including respect, determination and companionship, among other.

As leading partners of SAVEit, Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa also highlighted the project during the event.

Project coaches and athletes continue to work on SAVEit values through talks and other activities on a daily basis. The former player Torres Gómez recently led a session on football and values at the Escuela de Padres.

The organisation is also planning its second Sports Values Tournament to take place this year and working on assessing the questionnaires around the implementation of SAVEit.

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SAVEit next partners' meeting will be held in the Italian city of Colorno, between 11-12 June to monitor and evaluate progress around the operational stages of the project.

Rugby Colorno will be hosting and leading the two-day meeting held five months after the Porto meeting, which kicked-off the training programme for coaches on social values in sport.

Luca Ugolotti of Rugby Colorno said: “It is with great pleasure that we, with the help of other institutions in the city, announce that the next SAVEit meeting will be held at the Sala del Trono in the Ducal Palace of Colorno.

“We are very thankful to Antonella Balestrazzi of ANTEA and Valerio Manfrini of the city council for this great opportunity."

The club is a leading example on how to sport to pass on positive values to youth. Rugby as team sport is based on values of team-work, support for the other, and continuous communication between players, which furthers a philosophy of inclusiveness, respect and fair-play.

Rugby Colorno President said Cosetta Falavigna: “Being part of the project shows the club's commitment and the sensibility towards the younger generations of athletes".

SAVEit leading partners Cultural Leonesa and former professional player Torres Gómez ran two workshops in February as part of the project in León, Spain, furthering discussions among parents on sport for personal development and inclusion.

The wokshops were held on 14 and 21 February to parents of four to eight year-old players and touched topics including the career and personal development of players, the social value of sport and best practice.

Parents, coaches, football fans and the media are among the indirect beneficiaries of SAVEit and their role is seen a key to mediate and pass on positive values to children and youth.

The club is currently working towards their Day Of Values, a landmark initiative in León, which will take place in April coinciding with a home match of their professional team. The heightened media attention around the match will be used to highlight SAVEit methodology and anti-discrimination, fair-play and inclusive messages among the audience.

Earlier in December, the Cultural Leonesa began the evaluation process of the questionnaires of the training modules, which has been implemented in seven of their grassroots youth football teams.

These were distributed among coaches and an external advisor to gather their feedback on the sessions held in Puente Castro, methodology and outcomes.

SAVEit partners KAS Eupen took to the pitch the fight against discrimination during a Belgium first division match against Standard Liège on 20 January.

The action included the display of a series of banners ahead of the kick-off with players, mascots and referees all lined-up together. The banners read #NoToRacism and #FairPlay4All.

The action comes in response to a series of incidents of discrimination in the Belgian and German leagues targeting Standard Liège and FSV Mainz 05 players.

It also falls in line with the aims of SAVEit in promoting sport for social inclusion and anti-discrimination, and of consolidating sports positive values through awareness-raising actions.

AMARGAIA, a civil society organisation based in Gaia, Portugal, organised a symposium to debate the violence vs values in football on 16 March.

“Futebol, violência vs valores. Qual o futuro?" brought together representatives of the football family to address the role of football to further social values and how can this be achieved. At the event, SAVEit Portuguese partners Panther Force presented the project and its outcomes in promoting diversity, inclusion, respect and fair-play among youth.

Also, in focus was the prevention of violence among organised fan groups. A dedicated panel saw the football referee Artur Soares Dias, FC Porto ultra group Super Dragões President Fernando Madureira, Porto FA President Lourenço Pinto address the topic.

The event was held at the Auditório Parque Biológico and supported by the Portuguese FA and league, National Institute of Youth and the police.

Portuguese grassroots football club Panther Force will be hosting a series of workshops about SAVEit at the international Algarve Youth Cup as part of their activities to promote the project.

The event will be a unique platform to introduce SAVEit to youth teams and coaches of clubs from across the world. The tournament’s first edition, held in 2017 in Vila Real de Santo António, Portugal, counted with the participation of 17 youth teams from across 12 countries, representing some of the most iconic football clubs in Europe.

Posters and leaflets will be distributed among participants and the audience. In addition to this, a 20-meter SAVEit banner reading “Don’t look at us as money… look at us as children!” will be on display during the week-long tournament.

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A brand new video game is being developed by SAVEit partners Universidad Autónoma de Madrid exploring how gaming can be used to further sports values among youth.

PLAYit consists of a football match where users are in charge of controlling their team’s players and while playing learn about fair-play, respect, tolerance depending on the decisions and tactics they adopt for their team.

A second improved version of the video game is currently being tested. Once launched it will be available in English and Spanish.

With gaming gaining popularity worldwide and youth players picking up the trend fastly, the video game produced by SAVEit aims provide an alternative learning method.

Following the last meeting in London in July 2017, the SAVEit partners met earlier this week in Gaia to discuss the project’s main deliverables including a good practice guide that outlines sport initiatives that foster social values, an e-learning platform that will serve to form ‘Leaders in Values’ in sport and an innovative game to engage the youth to adopt fair play, respect, tolerance and other values in their day-to-day conduct.

The two-day meeting hosted by Portuguese football club Panther Force de Gaia focused on the approaches to take to implement and test the tools that will be used by coaches and youth athletes to foster social values, and how best to measure their impact.

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Following the last meeting in London in July 2017, the SAVEit partners met earlier this week in Porto to discuss the progress of the project and the next steps towards the delivery of the project’s main deliverables, which are a good practice guide that outlines sport initiatives that foster social values, an e-learning platform that will serve to form ‘Leaders in Values’ in sport and an innovative game to engage the youth to adopt fair play, respect, tolerance and other values in their day-to-day conduct.

The two-day meeting hosted by Portuguese partners Panther Force de Gaia, focused on the approaches to take in order to implement and test the developed resources and tools that will be used by coaches and youth athletes to foster social values, and how best to measure the initial impact of such tools.

"SAVEit project pursues not only to provide useful tools to foster values in grassroots sport but also to show the impact that those initiatives can have on children and youth. We are now finishing the tools and planning testing phase to optimize them for broader adoption." said Ignacio Alvarez, project co-ordinator and Managing Director of Fundación Culturalista.

The testing period is set to kick-off in March with Fundación Culturalista (Spain), KAS Eupen (Belgium) and Panther Force de Gaia (Portugal) carrying out activities within their clubs and youth teams. The initial pilot workshops in three European countries will target the involvement of 3500 youth athletes and coaches.

Also the meeting was marked by the decision to publish the Guide of Good Practices in Sport in five other languages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) in order to maximise its impact.

The SAVEit project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union is a collaborative work between a consortium of organisation with extensive work in education, sport and social development tackling discrimination and prejudice.

The next project coordination meeting will take place in June when initial gathered data would be presented and the impact of the workshops and the project would be assessed.

Los días 22 y 23 de enero se celebraron en Oporto dos jornadas de trabajo del proyecto SAVEit, liderado por la Fundación Culturalista y con participación de un total de siete entidades europeas vinculadas al fomento de los valores en el deporte de base. Dicho proyecto cuenta con un fuerte apoyo de la Comisión Europea y un plan de trabajo de dos años. El club y escuela deportiva Panther Force Gaia actuó de anfitrión del evento. En las sesiones de trabajo se avanzó en la elaboración de una guía de “buenas prácticas”, una plataforma didáctica de formación en valores para monitores de deporte de base, un videojuego enfocado en el fomento de los valores así como otras herramientas y materiales de formación y sensibilización. A lo largo de 2018 se finalizarán las herramientas en desarrollo y se comenzarán a utilizar en instituciones deportivas con niños y jóvenes de diversos países. Está previsto realizar una presentación de resultados del proyecto a su conclusión.

The SAVEit partners met in London this week at the historic Wembley Stadium. The second meeting of the group reviewed progress in a number of areas of the project from the first six months, including research on and the production of a good practice guide that showcases sport projects that further positive social values, a training programme for coaches, and an innovative game that ranks players according to the values they champion and highlight in their behaviour. 

The meeting was addressed by a representative of the FA as the dissemination stage of the project begins to take shape with stakeholder engagement a key focus of future activities. 

The partners of the project who are from Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK had a key session on sharing new ideas and were particularly concerned to stress the role of parents as a target group in highlighting the positive values of sport. 

The project co-ordinator Ignacio Alvarez of Foundación Culturalista said, “It was great to be in London for the second project meeting, we are tremendously excited about the future of the project going forward and can already see the impact of the work we have been doing through the partners. It is going to to be a busy summer and autumn until we meet again in Porto in Lisbon. In the meantime we are looking forward to finalising our public activities and moving on with our work programme.”

The SAVEit project is a collaborative project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union with the aim of promoting the recognition of sporting values as a key element in fighting against intolerance, racism and other forms of discrimination. The partners of the project are: Fundación Culturalista, Spain; the Autonomous University of Madrid; AS Eupen VoG, Belgium; the Fare network, UK; Rugby Colorno, Italy; Altum Foundation, Spain and Panther Force of Portugal.

Sport is emotion, competition, struggle and sacrifice, but there is an important element that can't be forgotten not only for sport: values and what they represent in society. Sportsmen have to be educated with these values in mind and it has to be done from a very early age. To do it, the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) takes part as an associate in the action "Erasmus+ Sport" in a project named "SAVEit ".

The main goal of this project is to promote the education in sport values to fight against intolerance. "SAVEit" counts at the moment with eight associates from various parts of Europe and different sport backgrounds: Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa (Spain, coordinator), football club; Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain); Altum Foundation (Spain); Fare Network (United Kingdom), KAS Eupen (Belgium) and others.

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The Cultural presents the project "SAVEit", in which there are many other contributors and is backed by the European Commission. With a budget of 500,000 euros, the project kicks off and will be developed for 2 years. A compilation of good practices in the promotion of values, a training course for coaches, or a serious videogame for the younger ones are some of the undertakings that will be carried out.

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