• Is a Spanish Foundation located in the city of León, Spain. The mission of the Fundación Culturalista is to develop sport talent with a solid base of values, to be projected not only in players but also in coaches, players families and fans.

    Is a foundation based in Belgium with the aim to strengthen social interaction and to develop young football talents from all social and ethnic backgrounds.

    Rugby Colorno is an amateur sports club that has become over the years a prestigious structure in local sporting terms, evolving into a center of reference, from a social point of view.

    The Panther Force is a School that essentially works in the training of children and men athletes, providing a healthful growth at both psychological and physical level.

  • Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) in Spain, is a public university. It has a long tradition of cooperation with other universities in Spain and abroad.

    Fare network is an umbrella organisation that brings together individuals, informal groups and organisations driven to combat inequality in football and use the sport as a means for social change.

    Altum Foundation is a private, non-profit institution, committed to the developmental cultural and social activities, based in Seville (Spain), but working at national level.

    International initiative to promote and protect the core values of sport for the benefit of young people around the world. Save the Dream aims to empower young people and inspire societies towards a goal of sport free from violence, corruption and discrimination