Fundación Culturalista

Foundation date

Fundación Culturalista is a Spanish Foundation located in the city of León, Spain. The mission of the Fundación Culturalista is to develop sport talent with a solid base of values, to be projected not only in players but also in coaches, players families and fans.

The foundation operates its activities and projects based on the following objectives and principles:

  • Improve the training and skills of sport coaches, especially football coaches.
  • Enforce and communicate sports values, especially Fair Play
  • Promote research & development activities in sports, especially in football.
  • Promote and divulge the Spanish culture, connected to the national and international development of sport.
  • Fight against discrimination at all levels of football.
  • Use football as a tool of personal development for young people.
  • Undertake activities to build capabilities and values of football supporters groups.
  • Give a voice to those combating discrimination in football.
  • Host international events and conferences.
  • Produce best practice guides and educational materials.
  • Organise European and international campaigns, including the Football People action weeks.
  • Promote values based activities at international football competitions.
  • Monitor matches and report not adequate attitudes
  • Educate young players and their families in the values of sport.


  • Develop the work of grassroots football
  • Promote sports activities that promote social integration
  • Conduct training and cultural activities
  • Social commitment


  • Respect and fair play
  • Enthusiasm
  • Cooperation
  • Order and rigor
  • Rationalization of resources, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Discipline, effort and perseverance

The foundation is related to the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa Football Club . This Spanish football team was founded in 1923, becoming a club ahead of the times because there still wasn't a Regulation of Spanish Professional Football. Nowadays it plays in the Spanish Second Division B, Group 1, holding home games at “Reino de León” Stadium. The team has around 3.023 associated and many fans.

Fundación Culturalista has built a strong coalition comprising sport persons, elite athletes, sport and civil society organizations and many other entities which share the same vision. Inspired by the passion for the purity of sports and a strong belief in the power of fair play, its desire is to transform the society through the true spirit of sport. The key experts working in this project, Mr. Ignacio Alvarez and Mr. Ignacio Perez, have more than 10 years of experience working in the sports sector and sectors related to both the management and operational sides of Sports.