The Project

Saving the dream in grassroots sport based on values (SAVEit) is a collaborative partnership that allows a group of stakeholders from different sports and educational backgrounds to collaborate in a project aimed at supporting innovative and educational approaches to contain violence and tackle racism, discrimination and intolerance in grassroots sport.

SAVEit project will focus on collecting and analyzing positive events, in both grassroots and professional sports, featuring by athletes in any kind of sport disciplines who have stood out as a reference for good sporting practices and for defending sport values such as respect, tolerance, cooperation, social responsibility, inclusive spirit and dialogue. Furthermore, SAVEit project will produce learning contents and ICT tools that will be developed and tailored differently.

General objective

  • Promote the recognition of sport values as a key element in fighting against intolerance, racism and other forms of discrimination
  • Promoting integration
  • Drawing attention to its relevance for the integral development of our youngsters


We are going to collect and analyze good practices of sports activities, episodes, associations, clubs, players or fans at the professional or grassroots level where the values such as positive attitude, cooperation, tolerance, non-discrimination and non-violence have succeeded, and produce a Guide of Best Practices in Sport Values.

The goal of this analysis is to design a specific methodology, through desk research and personal intervews, for identifying and documenting success stories related to sport values, both at amateur and professional level, and in any kind of sport discipline.


We are creating and developing innovative educational tools to promote the recognition of sports values and a healthy environment in grassroots sports. These tools include an eLearning platform, for which we will create new didactic materials to teach values. The other tool is a serious game through which young practitioners will learn how sports can be a great way to become more understanding of each other, and develop important personal strengths.

Serious game

It will consist of a football game for children where the performance of the child's team will be affected by his own behaviour during the trainings and matches. Coaches will evaluate it and depending on the progress of each kid, kid's capabilities and performance within the game will evolve. The main message is: if values play a relevant role in your behaviour, your sport performance will improve.

eLearning platform

There will be a web platform with courses available for whoever wants to apply these methods with the children under their care. Once the training is completed they will get a certificate of recognition as “Leaders in values”.


The different partners will elaborate training materials and a learning methodology taking into account the target groups:

Direct target groups

Children and young practitioners on grassroots sports will learn through serious games; and in the other hand coaches on grassroots sports will learn through online contents complemented with workshops.

Indirect target groups

We will work in sports values with parents and families, sport organisations, fans and spectators and mass media through different learning and information means such as brochures, posters, campaigns, news, event, etc.

The final purpose of both contents and methodology will be training in values through the practice of sports and are transferable to any other sport. At the end of the project, contents and methodology will be made available to grassroots organizations and coaches and added to training programs and to the catalogues of training organizations, clubs and other entities in order to be used for training purposes as part of the transferability and exploitation of the project outputs.


Practicing sports is an ideal means for children and young people to move aside from problems, have fun and also acquire skills and improve their physical condition together with the acquisition of positive and healthy values. Almost all partners will work with grassroots associations, primary and secondary schools, sports clubs, social organizations, families and organizers of sporting events.

There will be a training by using the serious games: kids will learn at their own pace but with the support of the associations, coaches and parents. In other hand, coaches will participate in the online training and later in the practical workshops. The workshops will use a participatory and collaborative methodology.


  • The partner where the workshop takes place will choose the topic of the workshop
  • Invitation to experts related to the topic chosen will be done in order to assure their presence in this practical face to face training.
  • Debate: to share experiences and worries, ask questions and make proposals that enrich the training and the project itself